Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another good reason to buy a Volvo XC90

At a time when large 4x4 aren't topping the sales charts, it's good to see that nice Mr. Clarkson still understands and appreciates the reasons why so many buyers actually need one. In last weekend's Sunday Times InGear section, he was appraising the new Audi Q7 and commented, "I am no fan of the Audi Q7. It is bread-bin ugly and despite its enormous size it’s so small inside that you are faced with a simple choice. Leave the dogs at home. Or the kids. Unlike a Volvo XC90, it cannot do both."

Clearly my colleagues from Audi may not be so pleased by his comments. Never mind, eh.

To see his full review of the XC90 from January, click here -

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