Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Media news

Hot off the press - Volvo appoint Mindshare to Deliver SEO, Digital PR and Social Media

Volvo has appointed Mindshare to define and deliver its natural search, digital PR and social media strategy for 2009 and beyond in the UK.

Mindshare has kick started the relationship by working with Volvo Cars UK and their team of specialists to ensure the Volvo website is optimised for SEO from the ground up. This strategy will pave the way for the ongoing natural search campaign designed to drive quality traffic to the website and drive online conversions to test drive and brochure request.

Ongoing Volvo will be working with Mindshare to extend the reach of its digital PR and social media strategy. The campaign is designed to achieve two key deliverables:

1. Listening to, and engage with, online audiences including the creation and syndication of content.

2. All digital PR and social media will be optimised for SEO as part of a natural and 100% ethical link building campaign – driving the Volvo site up the natural search rankings for a suite of keywords designed to drive traffic and conversions.

The campaign will include blogger outreach, event and community management, digital PR and social marketing and buzz tracking as part of an integrated multimedia marketing strategy.

Duncan Forrester, UK Head of Public Relations for Volvo said “It is clear to me that the benefits of social media are now equally as important, and in some circumstances arguably more important, than the traditional media that we have always worked with. The ability to segment audiences and target activities at key online influencers will play an important part in Volvo's forthcoming PR strategy. I'm looking forward to working with Mindshare to delivering this vital part of our Communications strategy.

Anita Fox, Volvo Car UK's Head of Marketing Communications added "This is an extremely important year for Volvo and we’re very excited to be working with Mindshare’s SEO, digital PR and social media team, who we know will deliver results in SEO and help us better understand and connect with our digital audience."

Carolyn Watt, who heads up the Mindshare SEO, digital PR and social media division, said: “In the age of media multitasking our role is to ensure that all natural search and digital PR activity complements and drives the efficiency of all above and below the line media. It’s a privilege working with Volvo whose approach to marketing and branding is so comprehensive.”

I'm back

Apologies to anybody who used to follow my old blog - I won't bore you but as you can tell, I've changed jobs and email addresses and now can't access it. So I'm back, this time as Torque Talking and hopefully still talking about issues relevant to the UK motor industry. And there's so much going on. Falling car sales, the government scrappage scheme, new models gallore, motorshows and a whole host more.

So much to cover, so little time. Back soon with the truth as to what's going on in the UK motor industry.
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